CLAPP, NETTIE MACKENZIE (22 Aug. 1868-30 July 1935), the first woman elected to the Ohio house of representatives from Cuyahoga County, was born in Cincinnati and attended public and private schools there, including the Cincinnati School of Art. She came to Cleveland in 1911 and during WORLD WAR I helped organize the Cleveland Hts. auxiliary Red Cross. Her interest in politics grew out of her work for woman's suffrage. She was elected to the Ohio house of representatives as a Republican in 1922, where she served for 3 terms. As chairperson of the Committee on Benevolent & Penal Institutions, she supported a bill to establish the London prison farm. She was the only woman to serve on the executive committee of the Republican Natl. Convention held in Cleveland in 1924. Her bid for election to the Ohio senate in 1928 was unsuccessful. She married Harold T. Clapp, M.D., in 1912 and had 1 daughter, Dorothy Annette (Mrs. Daniel H. Petty). She died in Cleveland at age 66.

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