The CLEVELAND ACADEMY OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE, created during the 1920s as a professional association, has encouraged mutual understanding between public-health agencies and the practitioners of osteopathic medicine to improve PUBLIC HEALTH. The academy is responsible for maintaining high standards of area osteopathic hospitals and institutions and ethical conduct in all phases of osteopathic medicine and surgery. It operated as a division of the Ohio Osteopathic Association until 1966, when it incorporated as a not-for-profit institution. During the 1960s the academy was headquartered in the downtown Cleveland Bulkley Building. The offices were relocated to BRENTWOOD HOSPITAL (now Meridia South Pointe Hospital) in the early 1970s, followed by locations on Libby Road in BEDFORD HTS. (1986) and on Snow Road in PARMA (1993). The academy moved to its present location at 23215 Commerce Park; it coordinates continuing medical education conferences and conducts physician referals. Additionally, the academy works with civic organizations to provide speakers and resources for various health fairs and school projects. In 2006 Academy membership consisted of 200 regular members, 175 interns and residents, and 65 osteopathic medical students.

See also MEDICINE.

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