The CLEVELAND DAILY GAZETTE was an expanded version of the semiweekly edition of L. L. Rice's CLEVELAND WHIG. The paper made its first appearance in May 1836. It replaced the semiweekly Whig, although Rice, largely using material from the Daily Gazette, continued publication of the weekly Whig from the same office. Together with the Advertiser, which was converted about the same time, and the Herald, which had converted a year earlier, it briefly provided Cleveland with 3 daily newspapers. Evidently that was too much for the traffic to bear, for Rice admitted after 6 months that he was still operating at a loss. Having taken in CHAS. WHITTLESEY and A. H. Lewis as editorial associates, Rice sold both the Daily Gazette and the Whig to the pair. Whittlesey and Lewis formally took charge on 3 Jan. 1837, at which time they changed the name of the weekly edition from Whig to Gazette. On 21 Mar. Whittlesey announced the merger of the Gazette with the CLEVELAND HERALD, which he had purchased in partnership with JOSIAH A. HARRIS. Its name survived as part of the Herald & Gazette until 1843, when the combined publication reverted to the name of the older Herald.

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