The CLEVELAND PSYCHOANALYTIC CENTER, which prior to 2002 was known as The Cleveland Psychoanalytic Society, was founded by Doctors MAURITZ and ANNY KATAN and Dr. Douglas Bond in 1946. The Center serves as the organization for the professional and outreach activities of the Cleveland psychoanalytic community. In 1967 the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Institute was established for the formal training of psychoanalysts. Both were located at 11328 Euclid Avenue, in UNIV. CIRCLE until 2004, when the Center moved to 2460 Fairmount Boulevard in Cleveland Heights.

Anny and Mauritz Katan were Dutch citizens who left their homeland in the face of Nazi oppression. They made their way to England where they collaborated with Anna Freud, psychoanalyst and daughter of Sigmund Freud. Anna Freud had come to know Douglas Bond, who was about to develop a department of psychiatry at what was then known as Western Reserve University (see CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIV.). It was at Freud's urging that the Katans came to Cleveland to work with Bond. Their collaboration led to the founding of the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Society.

The Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center sponsors the Katan Center for Psychoanalytic Treatment, a psychotherapy clinic for both adults and children, as well as the Friends of Psychoanalysis for interested professionals and nonprofessionals. It provides both postgraduate training and periodic scientific meetings and seminars for the continuing education of both those interested in psychoanalysis. The society also publishes a bimonthly newsletter, Psychoanalysis in Cleveland (in 2005, the newsletter was available electronically through the Center's web site). In 1991 the organization began supporting comprehensive psychoanalysis and dynamic psychotherapy treatments in a effort to counter the trend toward short-term, prescription drug reliant treatments.

In 2005 the Center was involved in a wide variety of activities from working with local hospitals, medical schools, and private practices, to providing teaching, consulting, and research to community agencies. In addition to its local work, the organization participated in professional exchanges on national and international levels.

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