The CLEVELAND SUNDAY TIMES served as the name for 3 different publications in the 1870s. First came the Cleveland Sunday Times of 17 Sept. 1871, the first Sunday newspaper issued in Cleveland since the short-lived Sunday Morning Review of 1858. Published by Mr. Saltiel and William P. Luse at 268 Superior, it professed independence in politics but evidently succumbed after half a dozen issues to the even newer Sunday Morning Voice. A second Cleveland Sunday Times appeared around 18 July 1875. Its 20th number, dated 28 Nov. 1875, contained 8 pages and only the name "Times Printing Co." as a clue to its ownership. Known simply as the Sunday Morning Times, the third paper of this name was much longer-lived than its predecessors. Probably begun on 7 May 1876, its issue of 6 Aug. 1876 (no. 14) contained 8 6-column pages selling for $.05. Through most of its career it was owned and edited by J. P. O'Brien, who marshaled its columns in support of the Democratic party. Its address was less consistent, moving from Seneca to Long St. and finally to 63 Public Square. O'Brien also launched a penny daily edition of dubious longevity, the Evening Times, on 24 Apr. 1879. Appearing in 1881 as the New Sunday Morning Times, the weekly by that time was listed under the management of J. D. Shannon, followed shortly by H. Adnett, apparently not long before its expiration.

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