The CLEVELAND TIMES (1845) first appeared on a local masthead as the name of a Democratic weekly started on 10 Sept. 1845. Published by Horace Steele and Peter Baxter, it was edited by the former and appeared on Wednesdays. Within a few weeks it claimed 400 subscribers in Cleveland, as well as 100 in Painesville, which appeared to have been Steele's former base of operations. Much of its energy was devoted to infighting with the rival Democratic daily, the PLAIN DEALER, which the Times accused of being controlled by "the Bank Clique." Steele had withdrawn from the partnership by Apr. 1846, leaving Baxter in control until he was joined by R. Haddock in Aug. Haddock assumed full control by December and began publishing a daily edition, probably late in 1847, under the nameplate of the Daily Cleveland Times. After relocating from the Phoenix to the Franklin Bldg., the Times was merged into the Plain Dealer in Feb. 1849.

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