CUSHING, ERASTUS (15 July 1802-4 Apr. 1893), one of Cleveland's most respected physicians, was born in Cheshire, Mass., to David, Jr. and Freelove Brown Cushing. He attended New York College of Physicians & Surgeons in New York City, and was certified to practice in 1823. He continued his education at Berkshire Medical Institute of Williams College, a student of JOHN DELAMATER, receiving his medical degree in 1824. Cushing practiced in New England and attended lectures at the Medical Dept. of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia between 1834-35, moving to Cleveland in Oct. 1835 for health reasons. He opened a practice on PUBLIC SQUARE as a family physician, eventually in partnership with his son, HENRY KIRK CUSHING. In 1837 Cushing helped organize the Willoughby Medical College in Willoughby, Ohio, inducing his former professor, Dr. John Delamater, to teach there. Dr. Cushing was also involved in forming Cleveland Medical College under the charter of Western Reserve College, and was appointed to a committee charged with presenting the WRU board with suitable candidates for the M.D. degree. Known as a kind and distinguished gentleman, easily recognizable by his long black cape, Cushing continued in his lucrative private practice until age 62, when he went into semiretirement, retiring fully at 70. Cushing married Mary Ann Platt in 1826 had 3 children: Henry Kirke, William David, and Cornelia. Cushing died in Cleveland and was buried in the ERIE STREET CEMETERY. His son, Henry Kirke, grandsons Edward F. and HARVEY W. CUSHING, and great-grandsons E. H. and Kirke W. Cushing, all received medical degrees.

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