The CUYAHOGA COUNTY DISTRICT BOARD OF HEALTH was created to respond to the growth of the greater Cleveland community beyond Cleveland's city limits. The health problems of the suburbs and townships were first addressed in 1920, when a full-time county health commissioner was appointed due to efforts at the state level. The first health commissioner was Dr. Robert Lockhart, who served into the 1930s. Arthur J. Pearse occupied that position in the 1940s and 1950s.

In 1995 the County Board of Health provided services to 34 cities and 22 villages and townships within the county that did not have similar programs. The organization administers and enforces public health and sanitation laws of the State of Ohio. It additionally adopts regulations and provides programs on health-related issues. The Cuyahoga County Dist. Board of Health administers its programs through 3 divisions. The Division of Environmental Health provides a large number of services, including a lead poisoning prevention program, day care certification program, a nuisance control program, and radon level testing for homes and buildings. The Division of Nursing Service provides family, community, and school health services under a variety of programs, which included a program for testing lead levels in children and for preventing breast and cervical cancer. The Division of Development is responsible for identifying needs and managing resources.

In 1995 the board had 104 employees and served approx. 762,000 residents. In April 1994 Timothy E. Horgan replaced Dr. Robert O. Walton as health commissioner for the Board of Health.

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