National Register buildings and districts in Cleveland:

Adelbert Hall, Case Western Reserve Univ. campus

Allen Memorial Library, 11000 Euclid Ave.

Archwood Ave. Historic Dist., Archwood Ave. 

Archwood Congregational Church, 2800 Archwood Ave.

Beehive School, 4345 Lee Rd.

Bell, Dr. James, House, 1822 E. 89th St.

Benedict, Sarah, House, 3751 Prospect Ave.

Bingham Co. Warehouse, 1278 W. 9th St.

Bohemian National Hall, 4939 Broadway Ave.

Bomante House, 3000 Mapledale Ave.

Broadway Ave. Historic Dist., Broadway and Hamlet Ave. vicinity

Brooklyn Bank Bldg., 3764 W. 25th St.

Caxton Bldg., 812 Huron Rd., SE

Cedar Glen Apartments, 11424-11432 Cedar Glen Pkwy.

Central YMCA, 2200 Prospect Ave.

Cermak Bldg., 3503 E. 93rd St.

Cleveland Arcade, 401 Euclid Ave.

Cleveland Discount Bldg., 815 Superior Ave. NE

Cleveland Grays Armory, 1234 Bolivar Rd.

Cleveland Harbor Station, U.S. Coast Guard, New West Pier

Cleveland Home for Aged Colored People, 4807 Cedar Ave.

Cleveland Mall, between E. 9th & W. 3rd Sts.

Cleveland Packard Bldg., 5100-5206 Prospect Ave.

Cleveland Public Square, Superior Ave. and Ontario St.

Cleveland Trust Co., 900 Euclid Ave.

Cleveland Warehouse Dist., vicinity W. 6th & W. 9th Sts.

Cleveland West Pierhead Light, U.S. Coast Guard Lighthouses and Light Stations on the Cleveland Harbor on Lake Erie

Colonial and Euclid Arcades, 508 & 600 Euclid Ave.

Cook Bldg., 4600-4800 Prospect Ave.

Cozad, Justus L., House, 1508 Mayfield Rd.

Crawford-Tilden Apts., 1831-1843 Crawford Rd. & 1878-1888 E. 84th St.

Dall, Andrew Jr. and James, Houses, 2225 & 2229 E. 46th St.

Detroit-Superior High Level Bridge, over Cuyahoga Valley

Division Ave. Pumping Station, foot of W. 45th St.

Dixon Hall Apartments, 3814 Prospect Ave.

Doan School, 1350 E. 105th St.

Dunham Tavern, 6709 Euclid Ave.

E. 89th St. Historic Dist., roughly between Chester & Hough avenues.

E. 4th St. Historic Dist., roughly between Euclid & Prospect avenues.

Ensworth, Jeremiah, House, 3214 Prospect Ave.

Erie Railroad Cleveland Powerhouse, 1246 River Rd.

Euclid Ave. Presbyterian Church, 11205 Euclid Ave.

Fairhill Rd. Village Historic Dist., 12309-12511 Fairhill Rd.

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, E. 6th St. at Superior Ave.

Ford Motor Co. Cleveland Plant, 11610 Euclid Ave.

Forest City Bank Bldg., 1400 W. 25th St.

Forest City Brewery, 6920-6922 Union Ave.

Franklin Blvd. Historic Dist., between W. 38th & W. 52nd Sts.

Franklin Blvd.-West Clinton Ave. Historic Dist., W. 52 to W. 76th St.

Gaensslen, Phillip, House, 3056 Prospect Ave.

Garfield Memorial, in Lakeview Cemetery

Gifford, Dr. William, House, 3047 Prospect Ave.

Globe Iron Works Bldg., 2320 Center St.

Gordon Square Bldg., Detroit at W. 65th St.

Halle Bldg., 1228 Euclid Ave.

Hay-McKinney and Bingham-Hanna House, 10825 East Blvd.

Hessler Court Wooden Pavement, 11330 East Blvd.

Hessler Rd./Hessler Court, bounded by Ford, Bellflower, E. 115 & Euclid streets

Hill, James, House, 1840 W. 58th St.

Holy Rosary Church, 12021 Mayfield Rd.

House of Wills, 2491 E. 55th St.

Hoyt Block, 608 W. St. Clair Ave.

Hruby Conservatory of Music, 5417 Broadway Ave.

Irishtown Bend Archaeological Dist.

Jennings Apts., 2711 W. 14th St.

Karamu House, 2355 E. 89th St.

Kennedy Apts. and Commercial Block, 6425 Detroit Ave.

Kindra, W. H. Apts., 3802-3812 Mapledale Ave.

Krause Bldg., 2401-2044 E. 4th St.

L. N. Gross Bldg., 1220 W. 3rd St.

League Park, Lexington at E. 66th St.

Lindner Bldg., 1331 Euclid Ave.

Lorain Ave. Commercial Historic Dist., 3202-5730 Lorain Ave.

Lorain Station Historic Dist., 9005-10134 Lorain Ave.

Lorain-Carnegie Bridge, spans Cuyahoga River

Magnolia-Wade Park Historic Dist., Wade Park Ave. vicinity

Mallo House, 3781 W. 25th St.

Market Square Historic Dist., vicinity W. 25th & Lorain Ave.

Mather, Flora Stone, College Dist., Bellflower Rd. at Ford Dr.

May Co., 158 Euclid Ave.

McKinley Terrace, 1406-1426 W. 81st St.

Medical Center Bldg., 1001 Huron Rd.

Merwin, George, House, 3028 Prospect Ave.

Miles Park Historic Dist., Miles Park Ave. vicinity

Miller Block, 3202-3214 Lorain Ave.

Montana Apts., 2061 E. 36th St.

Neff Apartments, 3606 Prospect Ave.

Newton Ave. Historic Dist., 9700-10003 Newton Ave.

North Presbyterian Church, 4001 Superior Ave.

North Union Shaker Site, between N. Park & S. Park Blvds.

Notre Dame Academy, 1325 Ansel Rd.

Ohio Bell Henderson-Endicott Exchange Bldg., 5400-5420 Prospect Ave.

Ohio City Preservation Dist., bounded by W. 26th, Clinton, W. 38th & Carroll streets.

Old Federal Bldg. and Post Office, 201 Superior Ave. NE

Old Stone Church, 91 Public Square

Olney, Charles, House and Gallery, 2241-2255 W. 14th St.

Panek Block, 3154 E. 49th St.

Perry-Payne Bldg., 740 Superior Ave.

Pilgrim Congregational Church, 2592 W. 14th St.

Playhouse Square Group, Euclid at E. 14th St.

Plaza Apartments, 3206 Prospect Ave.

Prospect Ave. Row House Group, 3645-3657 Prospect Ave.

Riverside Cemetery Bldg., 3607 Pearl Rd.

Riverside Cemetery Chapel, 3607 Pearl Rd.

Rockefeller Bldg., 614 Superior Ave.

Rockefeller Park Bridges, Rockefeller Park

Rocket Engine Test Facility, Lewis Research Center

Root and McBride-Bradley Bldg., 1220-1230 W. 6th St.

St. Elizabeth's Magyar Roman Catholic Church, 9016 Buckeye Rd.

St. Ignatius High School, 1911 W. 30th St.

St. John's AME Church, 2261 E. 40th St.

St. John's Episcopal Church, 2600 Church St.

St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church, 3114 Scranton Rd.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 4120 Euclid Ave.

St. Stanislaus Church, Forman & E. 65th streets

St. Stephen Church, 1930 W. 54th St.

St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Cathedral, 733 Starkweather Ave.

Schweinfurth, Charles, House, 1915 E. 75th St.

Shaker Square, Shaker & Moreland Blvds.

Shiloh Baptist Church, 5500 Scovill Ave.

Society for Savings Bldg., Public Square

Southworth House, 3334 Prospect Ave.

Stager-Beckwith House, 3813 Euclid Ave.

Stockbridge Apartment Bldg., 3328 Euclid Ave.

Superior Ave. Viaduct, Superior Ave.

Tavern Club, 3522 Prospect Ave.

Templar-Farrell Motor Sales Bldg. 3134 Prospect Ave.

Temple, The, Univ. Circle at Silver Park

Third Church of Christ Scientist, 3648 W. 25th St.

Tiedemann, Hannes, House, 4308 Franklin Ave.

Townes, Clayton, House, 3800 W. 33rd St.

Trinity Cathedral, Euclid Ave. at E. 22nd St.

Trinity Cathedral Church Home, 2227 Prospect Ave.

USS Cod, N. Marginal Dr.

Union Club, 1211 Euclid Ave.

Union Steel Screw Office Bldg., 1765-67 E. 40th St.

Union Terminal Group, Public Square

United Motor Service Bldg., 4019 Prospect Ave.

Universal Terminal Co. Dock and Warehouse, 5451 N. Marginal Dr.

Univ. Hall, Cleveland State Univ., 2605 Euclid Ave.

Upson-Walton Co. Bldg., 1310 Old River Rd.

Variety Store Bldg. and Theater, 11801-11825 Lorain Ave.

Wade Memorial Chapel, in Lakeview Cemetery

Wade Park Dist., roughly bounded by E. 105th, East Blvd., Chester, & Euclid Ave.

Walker and Weeks Office Bldg., 2341 Carnegie Ave.

Warszawa Neighborhood Dist., E. 65th and Forman Ave.

Watterson School, 1422 W. 74th St.

West Side Market, W. 25th at Lorain Ave.

Western Reserve Bldg., 1468 W. 9th St.

Wheatley, Phillis, Assn., 4450 Cedar Ave.

White, Henry P., House, Euclid Ave. at E. 90th St.

Woodland Ave. and West Side Powerhouse, 1180 Cathan Ave. NW

Woodland Cemetery, 6901 Woodland Ave.

Zero Gravity Research Facility, Lewis Research Center

Zion Lutheran Church, 2062 E. 30th St.

Zion Lutheran School, 2074 E. 30th St.

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