The DAILY GLOBE followed the Cleveland Times (1845) and the DAILY NATIONAL DEMOCRAT  (1859) as the third attempt to displace the Cleveland PLAIN DEALER as the area's chief Democratic newspaper. Its backers ranged from Jefferson and S. B. Palm of Warren, OH, to U.S. Senator George Pendleton of Cincinnati. Charles B. Flood, former editor of the National Democrat, returned to Cleveland as the Globe's editor. Established in Sept. 1881, it attempted to exploit "being the only morning Democratic daily in Northern Ohio," even though the Plain Dealer had unsuccessfully tried morning publication the previous year.

It was not the morning deadline or the Plain Dealer so much as internal bickering that doomed the Globe. The Palms were soon involved in a dispute with the paper's other officers over the appropriation of a contribution from Pendleton. Removed from their positions, they retaliated by locking up the company's books. Amid the ensuing litigation, the Globe was closed at the end of its first month of publication.

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