DEVINE, MARGARET CRILE GARRETSON (2 Feb. 1901-17 Jan. 1993), civic leader, helped train WOMEN to work in war plants during WORLD WAR II. Devine was born in Cleveland, the 1st child and oldest daughter of Grace McBride and GEORGE W. CRILE, SR. She attended LAUREL SCHOOL, Bryn Mawr College, and Garland School in Boston, MA. Devine worked at the JOHN HUNTINGTON POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE during and after World War I. She was also employed as a secretary and editorial assistant in the astronomy and humanities departments of the Case Institute of Technology (later CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY). In 1922 Crile married Hiram Garretson (d. 1967). They lived in Cleveland with their 2 children, Richard C. Garretson and Ann E. Ford. The couple supported the local ART community. She was vice president of the PRINT CLUB OF CLEVELAND and he was president; they both belonged to the Cleveland Society for Contemporary Art. Crile married Charles Devine (d. 1986).

Devine was a trustee of LAUREL SCHOOL (1933-47) and president of its alumnae board (1940-42). She also was a board member of the Rainbow Hospital for Crippled and Convalescent Children (see UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS), the JUNIOR LEAGUE OF CLEVELAND, INC., and the Children's Asylum (later BEECH BROOK, INC.). Devine presided over the RECREATION LEAGUE OF CLEVELAND before WORLD WAR II. She loved the outdoors and shot a moose herself on one of many hunting trips with her brother Barney (GEORGE CRILE, JR.). Devine died at the MARGARET WAGNER HOME.

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