DUNMORE, WALTER T. (15 July 1877-23 Jan. 1945), a noted law professor, was born in Cleveland to Thomas and Elizabeth (Wright) Dunmore. He grew up in Norwalk and graduated from Oberlin College with an A.B. (1900). From 1900-02, Dunmore clerked in the Norwalk probate court which lead to his enrollment in the Western Reserve University Law School where he earned his LL.B. (1904). He returned to Oberlin, completed his A.M. degree (1905), was admitted to the Ohio bar in 1904. Dunmore was appointed an instructor of his specialty, real property law, at WRU Law School in 1905. Later, he also taught evidence, wills, and conflicts of law. In 1911, he was appointed dean of WRU's law school, serving until his death.

Dunmore was a critic of the American legal-education system, feeling too many graduating lawyers' chief aim was profit. Instead of training students to think, he believed schools attempted to "pour" legal training into their students and hope for the best. Dunmore served on the executive committee of the Cleveland LEGAL AID SOCIETY, devoting much time and greatly aided the society's effort to help the underprivileged be aware of and secure in their legal rights and protection. Dunmore wrote extensively on legal matters. His book, Ship Subsidies, was awarded the Hart, Shaffner & Marx Economic Prize. He assisted ARCHIBALD THROCHMORTON in preparing the Ohio General Code (1921).

Dunmore was first married to Mabel Curtis (d. 1921) on 10 Nov. 1904. They had 2 daughters, Marjorie Curtis Oliver and Helen Elizabeth Ayres. In 1939, Dunmore married Kathleen Townsend Firestone. He died in Cleveland and was buried in Milan, OH.

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