EMENY, BROOKS (29 July 1901-12 July 1980) became president of the Foreign Policy Assoc. on the basis of his reputation as director of the CLEVELAND COUNCIL ON WORLD AFFAIRS. Born in Salem, O., he graduated from Princeton Univ. in 1924 and continued his studies in Europe in preparation for a career in government service. A talk with Clevelander MYRON T. HERRICK, U.S. Ambassador to France, helped to steer Emeny's aspirations from the diplomatic service towards education in public affairs. Returning to the United States, he became an instructor in political science at Yale Univ., where he also received his doctorate in international relations. He was the author of The Strategy of Raw Materials: A Study of America in Peace and War and co-author, with Frank H. Simonds, of The Great Powers in World Politics. In 1935, at the instigation of NEWTON D. BAKER and others, he came to Cleveland to assume the unpaid position of director of the local Foreign Affairs Council, which became the Council on World Affairs under his tenure. During his 12 years as director and later president, he transformed the organization from a circle of 300 members to a potent 5,000-member interest group. Emeny also served as an associate professor of international relations at Cleveland College (see CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIV.) and as foreign affairs adviser for Republican presidential candidate Wendell L. Willkie in 1940. He left Cleveland in 1947 to become president of the Foreign Policy Assoc. in New York, serving in that position until 1952. After the death of his first wife, Winifred Rockefeller, Emeny married Barbara Cox in 1954. He was survived by her and a daughter from his first marriage.

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