FISHER, EDWARD BURKE (c. 1799-c. 1859) was a lawyer involved in several publishing enterprises in Cleveland during the 1840s. He came to Cleveland in 1839 from Pittsburgh, Pa., where he had edited The Literary Examiner and Western Monthly Review. In Cleveland he began the Daily Morning Review in partnership with Calvin Hall in Sept. 1841, which was merged into the Daily Mercury News 2 months later. While editing the latter, Fisher also began publishing and editing the CLEVELAND GATHERER in Dec. 1841. Neither paper likely survived the following year, and Fisher apparently began practicing law. Using the pen name of Timothy Jenkins, he wrote 2 locally-published satires: The Bench and Bar of Cuyahoga County: A Modern Epic (1843), and Wars of the Barn-Burners of Cuyahoga County: An Epic Extraordinary (1844). Possibly as a consequence of these "epics," he later became a journalist in Columbus, OH. His death is reported to have occurred in South Bend, Ind.

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