The GARFIELD HTS. HISTORICAL SOCIETY was founded in Dec. 1967 to preserve the history of that suburb. The founder and first president was August Kleinschmidt. The society acquired its first temporary home in 1980, when a room at Maple Leaf School was utilized. Ten years later space was acquired in the Garfield Hts. Civic Center. In 1992-93 a former residence was acquired as a permanent home for the society. The building, at 5405 Turney Rd., was built ca. 1890 for St. John Lutheran School. The society moved into this building in May 1993, though the dedication did not take place until 2 Oct. Much of the space is given over to museum displays. The society aims to document the social, economic, cultural, political, and educational history of GARFIELD HTS. Artifacts, documents, newspapers, photographs, and oral and video histories are included in the society's holdings. There are ongoing efforts to research and document the history of the area, to collect additional items, and to designate century homes in the suburb. The society is staffed by volunteers.

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