The GRACE HOSPITAL ASSN. (Grace Hospital), founded in 1910, was the first small hospital in Ohio to be accredited by the American College of Surgeons. It was located at 2307 West 14th and Fairfield Avenue in 2006. A small group of homeopathic physicians (see HOMEOPATHY) founded the hospital to fill a perceived need for a medical/surgical hospital on Cleveland's near south side, an area without a voluntary hospital. It was located on the old Brainard property (West 25th Street and Scranton). In 1913 it moved to its present site and acquired and remodeled two houses. Grace became a nonprofit hospital in 1920, and in 1935 Col. Joseph H. Alexander, former president of the CLEVELAND RAILWAY CO., became head of the Board of Trustees. A new brick hospital was built and dedicated in 1938, and remodeled and modernized in the 1950s with the addition of two wings. In 1953 Grace Hospital was renamed the Grace Hospital Association. The hospital had 87 beds in 2006.

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