HAHN, LOESER & PARKS, a prominent Cleveland law firm, was formed in 1986 by the merger of Hahn, Loeser, Freedheim, Dean & Wellman, and Parks, Eisele, Bates & Wilsman. The resulting firm, with approx. 65 lawyers, became Cleveland's 8th largest law firm. At the time of the merger, Hahn Loeser was known for its work in labor relations and security practices, while Parks Eisele was strong in financial services.

Parks, Eisele traces its origins back to 1888, when Horace B. Parks began practicing law in Cleveland. In 1960 his son, L. Beaumont Parks, and Edward A. Eisele, Jr., formed Parks and Eisele. The firm was best known for its work in probate, tax, business, and trust matters, as well as its involvement in the litigation resulting in the reduction in the size of Cleveland City Council. Hahn, Loeser was formed in 1920 by Aaron and EDGAR A. HAHN, Irwin N. and NATHAN LOESER, and M. P. Mooney. Hahn, Loeser had its origins in exclusionary policies that barred its Catholic and Jewish founders from jobs in major firms. The firm did a major portion of the local work in untangling the problems which arose after the national bank holiday of 1933. Two of the firm's partners, Edgar Hahn and Nathan Loeser, were well known in the city due to their community work.

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