HANULYA, JOSEPH P. (10 Aug. 1873-8 Oct. 1962) was a priest of the Byzantine Catholic Rite and a leader in preserving the cultural legacy of the Rusin (Ruthenian) people.

Born to Peter and Mary Hanulya in Nizny Repas, in what is today the Slovak Republic, he had his early schooling in his home village. Then Hanulya entered the Byzantine Rite Seminary in Presov. On 10 Nov. 1897 he was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop John Valyi of Presov.

Hanulya's first seven years as a priest were spent in his native diocese. Then in 1904 he came to the United States, serving in several Pennsylvania parishes. In 1918 he was named pastor of HOLY GHOST BYZANTINE CATHOLIC CHURCH, 2408 West 14th Street, in Cleveland.

His Cleveland congregation was almost entirely of Rusin descent, and Hanulya soon embarked on serving not only his parishioners' spiritual needs, but also helping them preserve their cultural heritage. In the course of that commitment, Hanulya authored some twelve works, ranging from a Rusin grammar and reader to historical and catechetical works.

He also spearheaded the campaign for the Rusin cultural garden in ROCKEFELLER PARK, co-founded the Rusin Educational Society, and sponsored The Leader, a monthly Rusin publication.

In 1953 Hanulya became pastor emeritus of Holy Ghost Church, but remained active in church affairs. He celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of his ordination on 10 Nov. 1957.

Hanulya married Mary Hvozdovich 23 Sept. 1897. They had five children: Joseph, Jr., Mary, Alice, Martha, and Michael. Survived by his children, Hanulya was interred in the Holy Ghost parish cemetery.

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