HARTMAN, CHARLES A. (1824-2 May 1863), an Army surgeon in the CIVIL WAR, served as Cuyahoga County coroner prior to his entrance into the Army as surgeon of the 107TH OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY on 26 Aug. 1862. The 107th was organized and given preliminary training at Camp Cleveland, Aug.-Sept. 1862. A physician in civilian life, Hartman was listed as killed at the Battle of Chancellorsville, Va., on 2 May 1863. He was listed as being buried at Fredericksburg but is not in the register of burials at Fredericksburg Natl. Cemetery.

Hartman was married twice. His first marriage was to Sarah E. Bacon on 4 June 1850. After her death, he married Anna Magdalene Boyd on 4 Dec. 1855. Hartman had no children from either marriage. He is remembered in Cleveland by a large medallion of his bust in the SOLDIERS & SAILORS MONUMENT.

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