HAYWARD, WILLIAM HENRY (6 Dec. 1822-1 Mar. 1904), Cleveland printer, organizer of the CLEVELAND GRAYS, and Civil War Army officer, was born in Lebanon, Conn., to John and Maria (Whedon) Hayward. He moved to Cleveland with his family in 1825 via the Erie Canal and lake schooner. At 15, he began work with Sanford & Lott in printing. He helped organize the Cleveland Grays in 1837, became 1st sergeant in 1852, and served as president, 1858-59. When the CIVIL WAR broke out, he was commissioned lieutenant colonel of the 1ST OHIO VOLUNTEER LIGHT ARTILLERY, serving until he resigned because of illness on 1 Apr. 1863. He returned to Cleveland, where in Aug. 1863 he was elected colonel of the 29th Ohio Volunteer Militia, referred to as the City Regiment, Volunteer Militia. On 5 May 1864, Hayward was commissioned colonel of the 150th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He led the 150th, made up largely of Clevelanders, during its period of service in the defenses of Washington, D.C., until it was mustered out in Cleveland on 23 Aug. 1864. In the postwar years he was an active member of the GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC and the Cleveland Light Artillery Assoc. In 1846 he married Jane E. Willis and had 4 children: Maria, Kate, Georgiana, and William. He died at the home of his daughter and is buried in WOODLAND CEMETERY.

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