HUGHES, JOHN ARTHUR (2 Nov. 1880-25 May 1942) Congressional Medal of Honor recipient for service during the landing at Vera Cruz, Mexico, was born in New York City, enlisting in the U.S. Marines there on 22 April, 1914. Captain Hughes, commanding the 15th Company of the 2nd Provisional Regiment was among the American marines who landed at Vera Cruz on 21-22 April 1914 in response to the failure of the Mexican government. After two days of fighting, the city was subdued, and on 4 Dec. 1915, Hughes was awarded the Medal of Honor for his leadership and courage during the engagement. He retired from the service a colonel.

Hughes came to Cleveland at the end of the 1920s, working as a salesmen for Mack International Trucks. In 1933 he became director of the Ohio Repeal Council to manage the state's campaign to ratify the 21st. Amendment to the constitution, rescinding prohibition. Later he worked for the Ohio Liquor Control Board. In 1936 he was appointed Safety Director of the GREAT LAKES EXPOSITION in charge of the policemen, guards, watchmen, and other personnel hired to insure the security and comfort of the visitors. Hughes died at age 61 and was buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia. He was survived by his wife, Margaret Harper Hughes.

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