The INTOWN CLUB, 1375 Euclid Ave., a private invitational ladies' luncheon club that meets for relaxation, fellowship, and enjoyment of the arts, was incorporated on 1 Nov. 1927. Mrs. John S. Sherwin was the president when the club officially opened on 20 Jan. 1928 in clubrooms located at 3400 Euclid Ave. On 12 June 1934, the club moved to the 6th floor of the former Kinney & Levan Bldg.) at PLAYHOUSE SQUARE, and subsequently moved its meetings and functions to the UNION CLUB. Through the years, the Intown Club has been the scene of a variety of activities, including musicals, traditional tea dances, wedding receptions, special luncheons and dinners, and private parties for family members and guests. Numerous speakers of social, political, literary, musical, and theatrical fame have presented programs for its members. The club's art gallery has displayed works by many artists and craftsmen, including those of Clevelanders and club members.

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