KATAN, MAURITS, M.D. (25 Nov. 1897-3 April 1977), a psychoanalyst known for his work on schizophrenia, taught analysis at the School of Medicine of Western Reserve University (see CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY) (1946-64) and with his wife Dr. ANNY KATAN and others, developed the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Institute (1960). Some call him the father of adult psychoanalysis in Cleveland. Born in Vlaarndingan, the Netherlands, Katan trained at the University of Leyden where he assisted at the psychiatric clinic. He then went to Vienna for further study under Anna Freud (daughter of Sigmund Freud). In the mid-1930s he married child analyst Anny Katan. With his wife, young daughter Annemarie (later Annemarie Angrist), and stepson Klaus Angel, Katan returned to the Netherlands just prior to WORLD WAR II. After the war, the Katans remained in the Netherlands for a brief time and worked at The Hague. At the suggestion of Anna Freud and through the efforts of Dr. Douglas Bond, who was building a department of psychiatry at WRU, both doctors accepted positions there and moved to CLEVELAND HEIGHTS. Anny Katan and Maurits Katan helped establish the Detroit (MI) Psychoanalytic Institute before setting up a training center in Cleveland (1954), the forerunner of the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Institute. Maurits Katan, unusual among adult analysts in recognizing the contributions of child psychoanalysis, served as a trustee of the CLEVELAND CENTER FOR RESEARCH IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT. Katan died in Fort Myers, FL. After his wife's death, their library, the KATAN ARCHIVES, was donated to the Cleveland Center for Research in Child Development.

Katan Archives, Center for Research in Child Development.


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