KOLLER, JOHN JOSEPH (2 July 1863-6 Oct. 1923), a noted physician and surgeon of Cleveland, was born in Funfkirchen (Pecs), Hungary, the son of Adolph and Theresa (Mandell or Mautal) Koller. He attended the High School and the University at Budapest. In 1887 he graduated from the University of Vienna with an M.D. Koller served one year as a lieutenant in the Medical Corps of the Austrian Army while a resident of Vienna. He opened his medical practice in that city, working there until 1890, when he came to Baltimore, Maryland, at the urging of his friend, Dr. Howard Kelly of that city. After a short stay in Baltimore Koller moved to Cleveland.

Koller practiced medicine for over 30 years in the Broadway neighborhood and was affiliated with St. Alexis Hospital for many years. He was known as an authority on eye, ear, nose and throat problems; rheumatism; and cataract surgery, and his highly successful work in these areas attracted patients from all parts of the U.S. Koller also invented and patented several surgical devices.

Koller was married 3 times. His first marriage was to Annie Smith in July, 1893. He married, second, Emily Rees in February, 1900. They were divorced in 1914. On 16 June 1917 he married Emma R. Kohler. Koller died in Cleveland and was cremated, and his ashes were interred in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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