LAKE, CHARLES H. (2 Jan. 1879-14 Dec. 1958), nationally known in EDUCATION, was an administrator in the CLEVELAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS for 21 years and superintendent from 1933-47. During his tenure, the schools initiated a radio station, school safety programs, and classes for the disabled, among other changes. Born in Granville, OH, Lake graduated from Ohio State University (M.A., 1910) and studied at the University of Chicago. At 19 he served in the SPANISH AMERICAN WAR. He taught and served as an administrator in schools in Columbus, Alexandria, and Hamilton, OH, before coming to Cleveland in 1916 as principal of EAST TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL. Lake was appointed assistant superintendent of the Cleveland schools (1919), assistant superintendent in charge of senior high schools (1921), and acting superintendent in May 1933. He became superintendent in September that year. The author of textbooks in science and mathematics, Lake advocated creative financing of schools. He kept the board of education apprised of both sides of controversial issues. After leaving the superintendency, Lake served as consultant to the Cleveland board of education for a year and a half.

In 1910 Lake married Edna Thornton; they lived in SHAKER HEIGHTS with son Thornton and daughter Elizabeth. Lake served as president of the CITY CLUB OF CLEVELAND in 1926 and was appointed trustee of Kent State University (OH) in 1936. President of the American Association of School Administrators (1946), he was awarded a life membership by that group in 1950. Lake is buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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