LEHMAN, ISRAEL J. (29 Oct. 1859-2 Apr. 1914), architect, was a senior partner in the firm of LEHMAN & SCHMITT, which designed many religious, public and commercial buildings in Cleveland. Lehman was born in St. Joseph, MO, the second child of Joseph (d. 1883) and Hannah Schwarz Lehman (d. 1869). The family moved to Cleveland in 1862 where Lehman's father worked in dry goods. Lehman attended public schools and was apprenticed to an architect at 14. In 1880 he worked for Cuyahoga County as a draftsman, drawing county maps. Lehman was employed in the office of George H. Smith from 1880-84, with Theodore Schmitt (1860—1935). Schmitt and Lehman began their longlived partnership in July 1884. In 1899 Lehman spent 4 months designing schools in Mexico. He belonged to the AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS, CLEVELAND CHAPTER, and to the CLEVELAND ARCHITECTURAL CLUB.

On 27 May 1885 Lehman married Nannie Scheuer of Cleveland. They lived on EUCLID AVENUE with children Joseph, Irene, Nina, and Edgar. Lehman served on the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce. He was a member, trustee, and chair of the Temple committee of Willson Avenue Temple (see TIFERETH ISRAEL). Lehman is buried in Mayfield Cemetery.

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