LEVERT, GERALD (13 July 1966 – 10 November 2006), was a significant African-American vocalist, songwriter and producer. 

Gerald Levert was born in Canton, Ohio, to Eddie Sr. and Martha Levert. His parents moved to SHAKER HEIGHTS when Gerald was a young man. While in Shaker Heights, Gerald was influenced by his father’s work as a vocalist in the popular Ojay’s group.  This led him to aspire to his father’s success as an entertainer and to imitate some of the iconic characteristics of the group.

Gerald, his brother Sean Levert, and childhood friend Marc Gordon, came together in 1983 to form the group LeVert. Between 1985 to 1990, the group released annual albums that grew more popular by the year. However, after 1990, Gerald developed his own solo career, but continued to contribute to three additional albums with the LeVert group which led in 2001 to an album of their greatest hits produced by Rhino records. 

Levert also ventured towards another group consisting of Keith Sweat, Johnny Gill, and himself, called LSG. Their self-titled debut album, Levert, Sweat, Gill, produced the single, “My Body”, which reached platinum. Their last album with Gerald as a member was created around 2003, although the group is still creating music as of 2020. 

Gerald Levert died in in 2006 after taking a mixture of medications to treat a shoulder injury and respiratory ailment. His father, Eddie Levert, filled in the position for his son in the LSG group following his death. Gerald Levert was never married, however, he had one son, LeMicah, and two daughters, Camryn and Carlysia.  Levert was cremated and his ashes were kept with family members.

Kevin Jones

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