LYNCH, FRANK (5 Nov. 1836-27 Feb. 1889), volunteer Army officer in the CIVIL WAR, was born in Canada but had moved to Cleveland by the outbreak of the War. On 14 Aug. 1861, he was commissioned captain, Co. G, 27th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. In late Oct. 1862, he was ordered to open a recruiting office in Cleveland, which he established on Superior St. He later returned to the 27th Ohio, of Fuller's Ohio Brigade, which was heavily engaged throughout the Atlanta Campaign as part of the 4th Div., 16th Army Corps. During the Battle of Atlanta, 22 July 1864, Lynch was severely wounded during a charge; he never regained full use of his arms. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel on 3 Mar. 1864 but never was mustered as such, being mustered out 20 May 1865. Lynch returned to Cleveland and became involved in Republican politics in the 9th ward. His war wounds had debilitated his general strength, which plagued him for the rest of his life. In 1869, he was elected treasurer of Cuyahoga County; he was reelected in 1871. Lynch served on the committee for Decoration Day (now Memorial Day) ceremonies in 1871, chaired the Cleveland delegation to the Reunion of the Army of the Tennessee in Cincinnati, 6-7 Apr. 1872, and was a member of Creighton Post No. 69, Grand Army of the Republic. Lynch died from an apparent heart problem coupled with his war wounds.

Married on 10 Feb. 1864 to Rebecca Nevins; they had 2 children: Augusta K. and Frank W. Lynch was buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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