MACK, CLARENCE (29 Apr. 1888-6 Jan. 1982) was an architect, master builder, designer, and developer best known for his work done 1925-1932, which included designing suburban Georgian Revival-style houses in LAKEWOOD and SHAKER HTS.

Mack was born 29 April 1888 and grew up on Cleveland's west side and in Lakewood. His grandfather, father, and uncle were all builders. Though he did not study architecture in college and thus had no formal training in this field, he spent 10 years studying the subject in Europe and the Cleveland area. With THEODOR KUNDTZ's help, Mack built a development in the 13800 block of Lake Avenue and Edgewater Blvd. in Lakewood in 1922-27. From 1928 to 1930, with the help of the VAN SWERINGENS, he developed an area in Shaker Heights on Courtland and South Park Blvds. Mack's houses were all apparently built for speculation; he is said to have bought the property, designed each house, acted as contractor, and then furnished and lived in many of them before they were sold. He was also the architect of "Kingwood" (1926) in Mansfield for industrialist Charles King.

Mack's business slowed with the advent of the Stock Market crash of 1929. He spent 5 years traveling around the world before settling in Palm Beach, Florida in 1935. He continued to design and build in this area until his retirement in 1962. Never married, Mack died in Palm Beach, Florida.

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