MAGNOLIA CLUB HOUSE formerly HILL HOUSE , founded in 1961, was the first community-based adult psychosocial rehabilitation agency in Ohio, and one of only eleven known similar agencies in the country at that time. Henry (Hank) Tanaka was the founder and first executive director (1961-90). In 1973 Hill House helped found the International Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services (IAPSRS). The Cleveland section, National Council of Jewish Women, the then Cleveland Mental Health Association, and the Welfare Federation of Cleveland were instrumental in the founding of Hill House.

In 2000, Hill House merged with the West Side Community Mental Health Center, creating the Bridgeway organization. On July 1, 2004, Magnolia Club House spun off of the merger, becoming a separate entity, again a center of psychosocial rehabilitation following the now international Clubhouse Model. The agency helps mentally ill residents of Cuyahoga County become self-sufficient and engaged members of the community, ensuring that people recovering from mental illness are treated with respect by co-workers, neighbors, and friends. The organization also helps its members find jobs that offer competitive wages. The Clubhouse is client-driven; the members work in partnership with the staff in all aspects of the Clubhouse operation. It is supported by the Cuyahoga County Community Mental Health Board, UNITED WAY (it was the first mental health facility in Cleveland to be funded by United Way), government contracts, and grants from local and national foundations. In 2006, Charter One Bank and WJW FOX 8 named Magnolia Clubhouse as the second quarter Champion in Action winner in Ohio. As part of this award, Magnolia Clubhouse received a $25,000 grant, as well as public relations and volunteer support in recognition of its outstanding commitment to providing community health care for mentally ill individuals in Cleveland.

Hill House was located in UNIVERSITY CIRCLE, first at the base of Fairhill Road in 1961, moving to 11101 Magnolia Drive in 1970. In 2006 Magnolia Clubhouse remained at the Magnolia Drive location. Following Mr. Tanaka's tenure as director, Judith Peters held the post from 1991 to 2000. In 2004 Lori D'Angelo, Ph.D. was executive director after joining the Hill House staff as the clinical director in 1997. Mr. Tanaka died in 2006.


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