The OHIO COLLEGE OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE in 1995 was one of only 7 podiatric medical colleges in the country. At Carnegie Ave. and E. 105th St., it maintained a faculty of 17 full-time and over 20 part-time instructors, and had a student enrollment of 438. The college, founded in 1916 as the Ohio College of Chiropody, was originally in the Republic Bldg., 647 EUCLID AVE. The college offered a 1-year course of study and graduated its first class of 20 students in 1917. Following a series of moves, the college in 1931 constructed its own building in UNIV. CIRCLE at 2057 Cornell Rd., and in 1976 moved into the Carnegie Medical Bldg. on Carnegie Ave. between E. 105th and 107th streets. During 1990-93 the college opened a new out-patient treatment center and a separate surgical center. In 1995 the college offered a 4-year curriculum concentrating on lecture and laboratory classes in the basic and applied medical sciences taught by M.D.s, Ph.D.s, and doctors of osteopathy. Its operation of the Cleveland Foot Clinic and several local satellite clinics provides its students with practical clinical experience while giving needed podiatric care to the community. The college regularly provides free foot screening at area schools, daycare centers, senior citizens' organizations, businesses, and fairs. Faculty and students have assisted at major Cleveland road races and walk-a-thons for the American Heart Assn., American Diabetes Assn., the March of Dimes, and other charitable organizations.

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