PARKVIEW VILLAGE, now the southern portion of FAIRVIEW PARK, occupied a 1 sq. mi. area west of the Rocky River Valley and north of Brookpark Rd. Originally part of Rockport Twp., the area was organized as part of ROCKY RIVER village in 1892.

In Apr. 1910, the county commissioners granted the petition of the residents in the southern portion of the village to establish Goldwood Twp. In August, township trustees approved the incorporation of Fairview Village, which divided the township into 2 remaining portions. The northern portion was absorbed by Rocky River. The southern portion became the unincorporated Parkview Village. In 1925 Parkview Village incorporated, primarily so that its residents could obtain city water and electricity. During the period before World War II, Parkview remained a rural farming community with an approximate population of 200. The postwar years were a period of growth for Parkview, as population increased by 1953 to 1,100. In 1955 the modern first school in Parkview was built, and the first full-time police officer was hired in 1959. By 1960, however, the village was still hindered by the lack of sewers, half the land remained undeveloped, and residents remained dependent on Fairview for its fire protection. In 1961 Parkview rejected an attempt to annex the village to Fairview. In 1965 an annexation committee of 3 residents each from Fairview and Parkview was appointed to reach agreement on terms for annexation. Convinced by prospects of better municipal services, Parkview voters approved the annexation agreement in 1965, as did Fairview voters in 1966. On 1 Jan. 1967, Parkview's 3,500 residents became Ward 5 in the city of Fairview Park.

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