FAIRVIEW PARK, originally part of Rockport Twp., incorporated as the village of Fairview in Sept. 1910, became Fairview Park in 1948, and incorporated as a city in 1951. It is located approx. 8 mi. from downtown Cleveland, bounded on the west by NORTH OLMSTED, on the north by ROCKY RIVER, and on the east and south by the Rocky River Reservation of the CLEVELAND METROPARKS SYSTEM. It occupies approx. 4.5 sq. mi. The township was organized in 1812. In 1910 the area south of Center Ridge Rd. separated from Rocky River to form the village of Fairview. The village had approx. 35 families and 300 people. The first city charter was adopted in Nov. 1958. At the turn of the century, transportation to ROCKPORT was provided by the Cleveland Southwestern Railway Co., which also served 3 amusement parks: Puritas Springs Park, Chippewa Lake Park, and Seccaium Park (see INTERURBANS). Many new streets were platted and paved between 1927-30. The North Olmsted municipal busline began to serve Fairview in 1931. Fairview's main street, called at different times Sugar Ridge, Coe Ridge, and State St., finally took the name Lorain Rd., designated State Route 10 in 1934. Utility services in Fairview began with electricity in 1913, gas in 1916, streetlights in 1921, and water service from Cleveland in 1923. The first school was located on Lorain Rd. in 1840. Enrollment peaked at 3,640 in 1969-70 but had dropped to 1,769 by 1984. In 1995 there were 3 elementary schools, 1 junior high, 1 high school, and 2 parochial schools. The city in 1995 had 6 churches.

Much of the city's growth took place after WORLD WAR II. The Fairview Shopping Center opened in 1947 on Lorain Rd., and the Westgate Shopping Center in 1954. By 1960 the population had increased to 14,624; it reached its height in 1970 at 21,681. The population in 1990 was 18,028. Over 79% were born in Ohio; 7.4% were foreign-born. The predominant ethnic groups were GERMANS and the IRISH. The population continued to decline slightly to 17,572 by 2000. Library services were first provided by the county library in 1925, and the Fairview Park Regional Library of the CUYAHOGA COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM opened in a new building in 1957.

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