PARMADALE FAMILY SERVICES, dedicated as Parmadale Children's Village of St. Vincent de Paul on 27 Sept. 1925, pioneered the cottage residential plan in Catholic children's homes. Organized by the CATHOLIC CHARITIES CORP., it was an outgrowth of St. Vincent de Paul Orphanage, begun by the SISTERS OF CHARITY in 1853, and resulted from the union of Parmadale Children's Village of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Anthony's Home for Boys & Young Men. Patrick Cardinal Hayes of New York City dedicated the village for boys ages 6-16 at 6753 State Rd., PARMA. In 1947 Bp. EDWARD FRANCIS HOBAN dedicated additional cottages to accommodate girls from ST. JOSEPH'S ORPHANAGE. A convent and administration building were added in 1952, and Parmadale accepted the children from the defunct HOLY FAMILY HOME.

In the early 1980s, as the institutionalized orphan population dwindled, Parmadale began to serve special-needs children referred by the city's Dept. of Human Services and Juvenile Court. Parmadale helps youths with emotional problems, addictions, or behavioral difficulties. In 1988 the village housed 170; the next year it opened a residence for troubled teenagers. In addition to the Cuyahoga County Community Mental Health Board, Catholic Charities and UNITED WAY SERVICES, donations from foundations, corporations, and individuals support Parmadale. The home's 1993 services included residential and on-site treatment, a family residential program, an independent living service, foster care placement of handicapped and/or developmentally disabled adolescents, and the Parmadale Training Institute and Consultation Network for professional continuing education.


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