PELTON, FREDERICK W. (24 Mar. 1827-15 Mar. 1902), banker, soldier, and Cleveland mayor (1871-73), was born in Chester, Conn., to Russel and Amelia Abbey Pelton. He came with his father to BROOKLYN in 1835 and attended Brooklyn Academy. He then worked with Wheeler, Chamberlain, & Co. in Akron, which later relocated to Cleveland, bringing Pelton back to the city. From 1858-67, he worked in the ship chandler business, serving as an artillery captain during the CIVIL WAR. After the war, he became secretary of Buckeye Insurance Co., and also joined the Halcyon lodge, becoming a 33d-degree Mason. In 1865, Pelton was elected to city council, serving as its president from 1866-69. He was also county treasurer. In 1871 Pelton was elected mayor and as such headed a committee to find a bridge site for the SUPERIOR VIADUCT.

After his term, Pelton became president of Citizen's Savings & Loan Assoc., which he had founded in 1868. He also was a founder of RIVERSIDE CEMETERY Assoc., becoming its director in 1876. He was later a director of People's Savings & Loan Co., as well as president of Masonic Mutual Life Insurance Co. Pelton served on the board of the House of Correction (1886-89) and as a director on the board of the city's workhouse (1889-91). Pelton married Susan Dennison in 1848 and had 7 children: Lucy, Elizabeth, Susie, Emily, and three others who died young. Pelton was buried in Riverside Cemetery. 

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