The PHILOSOPHICAL CLUB OF CLEVELAND is an exclusive organization whose members convene biweekly for dinner and the reading and discussion of papers on a variety of personal interests but concentrating on the topics of sociology, business and economics, arts and humanities, government, and science. It was an outgrowth of the Cleveland Council of Sociology (later named the Chamber of Commerce Club), the roster of which had expanded from 30 to approx. 100. Feeling that the growth in membership inhibited participation and that the informal atmosphere was declining, several members under the leadership of Case School professors CHAS. H. BENJAMIN and CHAS. S. HOWE instituted the Philosophical Club during the summer of 1902. With membership limited constitutionally since 1911 to 30, new candidates are nominated upon the death or resignation of a member. Members of the Philosophical Club, like the original 20 men invited to its organizational session, are primarily east side residents engaged in college instruction, business, and other professional occupations. A representation of accomplished clubmen includes all Case School presidents since 1902, NEWTON D. BAKER, WHITING WILLIAMS, Chas. S. Brooks, EDWARD BLYTHIN, and MEREDITH COLKET. Guest speakers have included Dr. John Stockwell, astronomer and author, and Dr. Edward Dewey, savant and author on cycles.

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Philosophical Club of Cleveland Records, WRHS.

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