PIRC, LOUIS J. (4 July 1888-29 June 1939) became a leader in Cleveland's ethnic community through the means of teaching citizenship classes and editing a Slovenian newspaper. A native of Llubljana, Slovenia, he came to Cleveland in 1906 and immediately became involved in the affairs of the Slovenian neighborhood. By 1908 he had reorganized a moribund Slovenian newspaper as the weekly Amerika, which he nurtured as editor into the daily AMERISKA DOMOVINA. During WORLD WAR I he served on the MAYOR'S ADVISORY WAR COMMITTEE as well as in the Intelligence Bureau of the Department of War. Pirc had begun teaching citizenship classes shortly after his arrival in Cleveland, originally in Knaus' Hall on St. Clair Ave. After 1923, under the auspices of the Citizens Bureau, he continued his classes in the St. Clair Branch of the CLEVELAND PUBLIC LIBRARY. Over the course of 28 years he gave instruction to an estimated 18,000 immigrants from 22 nationality groups. He was also influential in the establishment of the Yugoslav Cultural Gardens (see CLEVELAND CULTURAL GARDEN FEDERATION). Predeceased by his wife Constance, he died in his home on E. 108th St. and was buried in CALVARY CEMETERY. He was survived by a son, Louis Jr., and a daughter, Mildred Gray.

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