PRENTICE, WALTER M. (1824-2 June 1864), physician and Army surgeon in the CIVIL WAR, was born to Athalia and Noyes B. Prentice, a saddler, in Unionville, Lake County, Ohio. In 1850-51, Prentice was practicing medicine in Canfield, Ohio with his younger brother, Noyes Billings Prentice, studying medicine under him. By the time of the Civil War, the brothers had formed a partnership and were practicing medicine in Cleveland with an office on Pearl St. on the west side. Walter entered the Army "on the staff of General Frye and became recognized as a surgeon of rare ability." He died of disease at Stanford, Ky. while serving as commandant, Medical Corps, at the hospital at Pt. Burnside, Tenn. Noyes Billings Prentice served on the medical staff at the U.S. GENERAL HOSPITAL at Cleveland on UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS during the Civil War.

Married in 1847, Walter and his wife, Sarah, had two children: Frank and Thalia. His brother, Noyes B., married in 1852. Noyes and his wife, Georgia, had two children also: Charles and Mary. Walter was buried in the MONROE ST. CEMETERY.

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