RICHMOND HEIGHTS GENERAL HOSPITAL, located at 27110 Chardon Rd., RICHMOND HTS., is a 220-bed osteopathic community hospital with a medical staff of 180 physicians. It opened in 1961, with major additions in 1970. Dr. Jerry A. Zinni, an osteopathic physician, established the hospital and served as its president. By 1986 Richmond Hts. General was accredited for osteopathic interns and residents and was a training site for the Ohio Univ. College of Osteopathic Medicine. It had a school of radiologic technology, served as a training site for paramedics in eastern Cuyahoga County, and maintained an out-patient facility in Madison, OH. In 1995 the hospital became affiliated with the Mt. Sinai Health Care System.

The Northeast Ohio Health Services Area and Its Hospital Needs (1976).

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