SANFORD [or SANDFORD], ALFRED S. (5 Mar. 1805-23 Dec. 1888), born in Milford, Conn., was the antebellum captain of the CLEVELAND GRAYS and Cleveland fire chief in 1845. In 1863 he became an incorporator of the St. Clair Street Railroad Co. At Pres. ABRAHAM LINCOLN'S FUNERAL in Cleveland, Sanford served on the General Committee, the Subcommittee on Location of Remains, and the Subcommittee on the Military. By the time of the 1865 funeral, Sanford was referred to as "General Sanford."

Sanford married Maria Hayward in 1833, taking her son W.H. Hayward, as his step-son. He and Maria had a son, JUNIUS R. Sanford is buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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