The SCOTTISH OLD FOLKS HOME, INC., est. 1919 and inc. 1934, was founded and operated by the St. Andrews Scottish Benevolent Society (founded in Cleveland in 1846) for older natives of Scotland and their families. A new home opened in 1929 at 1835 North Park Blvd., CLEVELAND HTS., with Jessie L. Warnock as superintendent. It was built with the cooperation of all Scottish organizations in the city (see BRITISH IMMIGRATION). After 6 years of fundraising, the home, with 14 occupants, burnt its mortgage in 1943. Although the home remained small, rising costs and diminishing contributions led to the dissolution of the nonprofit corporation. In 1958 despite protests from subscribers, trustees of the Scottish Old Folks Home requested that the BENJAMIN ROSE INSTITUTE assume control. The home, then with 13 residents, was renamed Braeburn House.

Finding Aid for the St. Andrews Scottish Benevolent Society Records, WRHS.

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