The SOCIETY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES was formed in Dec. 1887 as a professional forum for scientific and medical topics by dissident members of the CUYAHOGA COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY, who felt that the county organization was out of step with medical research. The new society met more frequently, and in the evening rather than the afternoon, so that busy young doctors could attend. To improve access to medical literature, the group levied an admission fee of $25 and annual dues of $10 to sustain purchases of medical books and journals. The Society of Medical Sciences handled its business outside of regular meetings, to devote entire meetings to medical questions. Unlike the more secretive Cuyahoga County Medical Society, it published its proceedings in the Cleveland Medical Gazette. After the CLEVELAND MEDICAL LIBRARY ASSN. formed (1894) and began providing academic resources and a place for discussion, the need for the Society of Medical Sciences lessened. After a short tenure as the Cleveland Clinical Society, the group ceased to exist in 1896.

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