The SPIETH, BELL, MCCURDY & NEWELL CO., LPA, is a law partnership located in the Huntington Bldg. at EUCLID AVE. and E. 9th St. Incorporated in 1975, Spieth Bell dates to 1867, when the law partnership of Mix & Noble opened at 150 Superior Ave. In 1870 Mix & Noble became Mix, Noble & White when JOHN G. WHITE was added as a partner. He brought continuity to the young firm, remaining until his death in 1930. In 1883 the firm moved to the Blackstone Bldg. In 1887 it became Mix & White. In 1890 it added 2 partners, becoming White, Johnson & McCaslin. The firm became White, Johnson, McCaslin & Cannon in 1896. In 1900 it moved to the Williamson Bldg. Before its move into the Huntington (Union Trust) Bldg. in 1924, the firm underwent further changes, becoming White, Cannon & Johnson (1910); White, Johnson, Cannon & Neff (1913); White, Johnson, Cannon & Spieth (1919); and White, Cannon & Spieth (1923).

Lawrence Caleb Spieth (1883-1963) joined the firm as a corporate attorney and was made a partner in 1919. In 1929 the firm changed its name to Cannon, Spieth, Taggart, Spring & Annat. In 1939 it became Spieth, Taggart, Spring & Annat. In 1947 Harold K. Bell became a partner in the firm of Spieth, Spring, Annat & Bell. By 1948 the firm was known as Spieth, Spring & Bell. Everett D. McCurdy (1905-1986) joined the firm as an associate in 1952, and was made a partner in the firm of Spieth, Bell & McCurdy in 1958. In 1964 the firm became Spieth, Bell, McCurdy & Newell, reflecting Sterling Newell, Jr.'s, elevation to partnership. He was the only remaining active partner in 1986.

Spieth Bell's principal areas of practice are commercial, corporate and securities, estate planning, domestic relations, mergers and acquisitions, probate, trusts, real estate, labor, tax, litigation, and entertainment and sports. Clients have included the CLEVELAND CAVALIERS, WCLV-FM, WOIO-TV, BALDWIN-WALLACE COLLEGE, RELIANCE ELECTRIC CO., WARNER & SWASEY CO., and the Milbar Corp.

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