STASHOWER, FRED P. (29 Oct. 1902-10 Jan. 1994) combined during his lifetime careers in journalism, advertising, and public office.

Born in Cleveland to Max D. and Sarah Polansky Stashower, Fred attended local schools and graduated from Glenville High School. He then entered the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania where he earned his bachelor's degree in economics in 1924.

He began his working career in journalism; he was a reporter for both the CLEVELAND LEADER and the CLEVELAND NEWS. Then in 1927 he joined the WILLIAM TAYLOR SON AND COMPANY department store as its director of publicity. After ten years there, in 1937 he joined the Lang, Fisher & Kirk advertising agency, and in 1942 when he became partner and vice president, the firm was renamed Lang, Fisher & Stashower (it became LIGGETT-STASHOWER in 1987).

In 1952 he ran for and was elected to the city council of CLEVELAND HEIGHTS. He continued as a district councilman until 1968 when he was chosen council president and mayor. Deteriorating health prompted him to resign public office in Jan. 1972.

Stashower also devoted many hours to public service. He served as a trustee of the Cleveland Convention Bureau, the MONTEFIORE HOME for the Aged, the REAL PROPERTY INVENTORY, the Community Chest, the CITIZENS LEAGUE, and the Cleveland Automobile Club.

He married Hildegarde Darmstadter (see STASHOWER, HILDEGARDE) on 24 Nov. 1926. The couple raised two children, David L. and Deborah. In 1976 Stashower was honored by being named to the Cleveland Advertising Club's Hall of Fame. Stashower is buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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