STEWART, JOHN HALL (20 April 1904-31 Oct. 1991) occupied the Henry E. Bourne chair of history at CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIV. as an authority on the era of the French Revolution. Born near Springfield in Ontario, Canada, he earned his bachelor's degree from the Univ. of Ontario and advanced degrees at Cornell. Joining the history dept. at Western Reserve Univ. in 1930, he became a full professor in 1951. He became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1944, and 2 years later he married Helen F. Doolittle (13 July 1906- ), then assistant university registrar at WRU.

Stewart published France, 1715-1815: A Guide to Materials in Cleveland in 1942, which was followed in 1951 by his magnum opus, A Documentary Survey of the French Revolution. Working in collaboration with James Friguglietti, a former student and later colleague in the history dept., he also prepared an English translation of Georges Lefebvre's The French Revolution From 1793 to 1799, which appeared in 1964.

Possessed of a convivial personality, Stewart was well known at conventions of the American Historical Assoc. for the parties hosted by him and Mrs. Stewart. An accomplished tuba player, he performed with several Dixieland bands including Dr. Stewart's Dixielanders and an Akron group known as the Rubber City Retreads. During the manpower shortage of WORLD WAR II, he also served with enthusiasm as director of the university band. Named Henry E. Bourne Professor of History in 1954, Stewart occupied the chair emeritus following his retirement in 1969.

He died in Naples, Fla., survived by his wife.

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