STORM, ROSA (18 July 1791-3 May 1867), doctor and an advocate of homeopathic medicine, was born in Coxsackie, N.Y. to Isaac and Agnes Storm. He attended and later taught at the village school; at age 22 began studying medicine under local doctors; and in 1816 received a license to practice from the Medical Society of Seneca County, N.Y. Soon after, he established a practice in Madison, Ohio and 2 years later moved to Painesville. Between 1834-35, he taught at the Medical College of Willoughby University as adjunct professor of materia medica, receiving an honorary degree at the college's first commencement.

Dr. Storm was also associate judge of the court of common pleas in Geauga County, secretary for the Geauga County Agricultural Society, and from 1838-39 edited the Painesville Telegraph. In 1843, Storm turned to homeopathic medicine, helping found the Homeopathic Society, which met in Burton in 1847.

In 1840 the faculty of the Eclectic Medical Institute in Cincinnati established a chair of HOMEOPATHY; Dr. Storm filled the position, but the chair was abolished after the first semester because he converted too many students and professors to homeopathic medicine. He returned to Painesville and in 1850 became professor of gynecology and obstetrics at Cleveland Homeopathic Medical College.

In 1852, Storm, with Dr. Horatio Gatchell, built a stone bath house at Little Mountain for water cures and a gymnasium to provide the benefits of exercise. The experiment faltered, lasting only a few years.

Dr. Storm married Sophia Kimball in 1818 and had 2 children, Catherine and Lemuel. He was buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Painesville, Ohio.

Biographical File, Dittrick Museum of Medical History.

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