THAYER, LYMAN C. (11 June 1821-23 Dec. 1863), attorney and volunteer cavalry officer, was born in Berkshire, Mass., son of Daniel and Mary Thayer. He was admitted to the bar in 1845, and became a well-known attorney in Boston. Moving to Cleveland in 1853, he formed a partnership in law with Geo. H. Wyman, with whom he was affiliated until 1856, when he formed a partnership with David Kellogg Cartter. After the outbreak of the CIVIL WAR, Thayer enlisted in the SECOND OHIO VOLUNTEER CAVALRY on 19 Aug. 1861. He served as regimental quartermaster during campaigns in Missouri, Kansas, and the Indian Territory before resigning because of ill health on 22 Mar. 1862. Once recuperated, he was commissioned a major in the TENTH OHIO VOLUNTEER CAVALRY on 10 Nov. 1862 at Camp Cleveland. Ill health again beset Thayer while he was campaigning in Tennessee. After a medical furlough, he returned to Tennessee, only to resign because of ill health on 6 Oct. 1863, return to Cleveland, and succumb to pleurisy at his residence. On 26 Dec. 1863, the Cleveland bar held a meeting at which appropriate resolutions were passed and speeches read in Thayer's honor. Thayer and his wife, Elisa, had 4 children: James L., Daniel R., Josiah Q., and Nelly A. Thayer died in Cleveland and was buried in WOODLAND CEMETERY.

Proctor Thayer Papers, WRHS.

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