TINKER'S CREEK, a powerful stream that bisected old Bedford Twp., was responsible for early economic development in the area, and remains a beautiful link in the CLEVELAND METROPARKS system. Named for Capt. Joseph Tinker, one of MOSES CLEAVELAND's surveyors, Tinker's Creek originates in Streetsboro as a lazy stream and becomes stronger as tributaries supplement its flow northward. Entering Cuyahoga County at GLENWILLOW, the creek flows westward for 7 twisted miles through OAKWOOD, BEDFORD, BEDFORD HTS., and WALTON HILLS. Before exiting into VALLEY VIEW, where it empties into the CUYAHOGA RIVER, the creek flows through a deep, narrow gorge and erupts into a waterfall at Bedford. As early as 1815, entrepreneurs tapped the waterpower of the falls for manufacturing and for milling flour, logs, cider, and textiles. The most prominent mill was the Waters & Son Mill, which produced 4 different grades of wheat, buckwheat, and graham flour, including the regionally prominent Pansy brand. The sheerness and rockiness of the Tinker's Creek gorge made much of the land along the creek bed inaccessible for homes and farming, ensuring its preservation as a wilderness area. Its many scenic points include Lost Meadow, Dearlick, the Arch, and Red Bridge. Part of this area was opened in 1902 as a resort for picnicking; by 1924 an elegant dance hall and bowling emporium were built for year-round use until destroyed by fire in 1944. In 1926 the park board added 1,000 acres of Tinker's Creek Glen to its growing Metroparks system; as Bedford Reservation, the park was improved with roads, bridle paths, and shelters. Its gorges were recognized as Registered Natl. Natural Landmarks by the U.S. Park Service in 1968.

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