The TREU-MART FUND was founded in Cleveland in 1980 by Elizabeth M. Treuhaft and WILLIAM C. TREUHAFT to address the needs of CHILDREN AND YOUTH. The community fund, a supporting organization of both the CLEVELAND FOUNDATION and the JEWISH COMMUNITY FEDERATION, has funded research and/or demonstration projects benefitting greater Cleveland residents in the areas of community development, culture, social service, Jewish WELFARE/RELIEF (see JEWS AND JUDAISM), and health planning (see HOSPITALS AND HEALTH PLANNING). In 1991 the fund received $4.25 million from the dissolution of the TREUHAFT FOUNDATION. The fund's largest single gift between its founding and 1992—$350,000, in 1990—helped establish a Cleveland office of the national advocacy agency, the Children's Defense Fund. In other significant funding, the Treu-Mart Fund provided $114,200 toward the design and opening of a daycare center, Starting Point, and has provided over $180,000 to the Jewish Community Federation for the acculturation of youth from the former Soviet Union residing in Cleveland. It has also supported the Community AIDS Partnership Project of the Cleveland Foundation, efforts by the CHILD GUIDANCE CENTER and the CENTER FOR THE PREVENTION OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, and children's programming by such institutions as the CLEVELAND OPERA, the CLEVELAND CHILDREN'S MUSEUM, and the CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY. In 1992, with assets of over $11 million, the Treu-Mart Fund distributed $553,495 in 26 grants, ranging from $5,000 to over $103,000. Elizabeth Treuhaft chaired the fund in 1992 and Arthur W. Treuhaft was president. Foundation offices were located at the Cleveland Foundation in 1994.


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