The UKRAINIAN MUSEUM-ARCHIVES, INC., located at 1202 Kenilworth Ave. in TREMONT houses an important collection of material related to Ukrainian history, culture, and immigration. The collection began in 1952 when Leonid Bachynsky, a Ukrainian native living in Cleveland, began collecting almost anything related to the Ukrainian immigrant experience. Alexander Fedynsky, who arrived in Cleveland from Ukraine in 1948, was another of the founders of the museum-archives and served as its director from 1977-81. In 1977 the Ukrainian Museum-Archives, Inc., opened in a turn-of-the-century home in Tremont, the one-time center of the UKRAINIAN community in Cleveland.

The museum-archives hold one of the largest collections of materials pertaining to Ukrainian immigration. Items held by the museum include books and newspapers, photographs, arts and crafts, and sheet music. Andrew Fedynsky (the son of Alexander) became museum director in 1986. The museum opened on a regular basis in 1989. In 1993 the museum had 198 members; membership and donations fund activities, operating expenses, conservation, and acquisitions. Volunteers have done considerable work at the museum, from restoration of the building to the cataloging of materials. There is an ongoing effort to acquire additional Ukrainian-related materials, and a newsletter is published.


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